Host Families FAQs

What is an IFF host family?

IFF host families are volunteers who open their home to IFF students for the duration of the student’s stay as part of a homestay program?

Does IFF pay host families?

No. Our host families are volunteers who open their home to IFF students in order to build an international friendship. We have found that those families who express a sincere interest in hosting are interested in the cultural experiences available to them and not financial remuneration. However, hosting an IFF student may qualify you for a tax deduction; please consult with your tax professional.

What is required to become an IFF host family?

A true desire to host a student is the most important requirement. IFF acknowledges that there are many different types of households. Having children present in the home is not necessarily a prerequisite for hosting. With this in mind, the IFF staff makes each hosting decision on an individual basis, primarily from the in-home interview. Each individual over the age of 18 that is expected to be in the home during the prospective stay, will be subject to a criminal background check in order to ensure the safety and security of each IFF student. For more information about the required background check, please click here.

How are IFF students selected?

All IFF students have been screened by either IFF or our oversees partners. All participants have studied English and generally participate in a homestay program with the goal of improving their English-language skills.

Are IFF students insured?

Yes. All IFF participants arrive in the United States with medical and accident insurance.

Do IFF students bring their own money?

Yes. Host families are asked only to provide meals and a comfortable place to sleep. The student is responsible for all personal expenses during the program and their excursions are provided for by IFF.

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