Required Background Screening

The safety and welfare of all IFF students is our top priority. For this reason, and as required by our insurance provider and applicable federal regulations governing foreign student exchange organizations set forth by the United States Department of State (22 C.F.R. 62) and guidelines established by the Council on Standards for International Education Travel (CSIET) IFF requires criminal background checks for any adults who will have regular contact with IFF students. This includes ALL staff, coordinators, program teachers, and adult members of host families. For more information on the required background checks, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Criminal Background Screening and CSIET’s Keeping Our Student’s Safe: Exchange Student Safety Guidelines.

IFF has contracted with Intellicorp Records, Inc., a major provider of applicant screening services to conduct the required background checks. Intellicorp provides these services for many of the major foreign student exchange organizations. IFF pays all costs associated with the required background checks. The process is completely free for our coordinators and host families.

The background check application process is easy and will take only a couple minutes. There are two ways for individuals to complete the application for the background check. Applicants may select either method for submitting the required information.

1. Through our secure web portal. All applicants will be given a password to complete the required background check application process online. This is the preferred method. The information is securely submitted directly to Intellicorp, which conducts the required check.

2. By downloading the paper-based Volunteer Background Check Consent and Application Form and returning it to IFF. The form will be forwarded to Intellicorp for the purpose of completing the required background check.

All IFF program staff (including community coordinators, program teachers, recruiters, etc.) must be screened at least once annually. With respect to host families, each individual who is at least 18 years of age and will be living in the household during the student’s visit must undergo the background check. Repeat host families need only be screened once per year unless there is a change in the household situation (e.g., an adult relative moves into the house, etc.).