Total Immersion Program


The Total Immersion Program is the most affordable and flexible of our Homestay Programs. Ideal for the student seeking a unique experience with maximum affordability and flexibility, the Total Immersion Program gives students the most time with their American host family. After a brief welcoming and orientation, students spend the remainder of their stay in the program with the American host family. With no pre-planned commitments or schedule constraints, our total immersion students are free to plan their entire stay in conjunction with their host family. This program affords students the best chance to truly become part of their host family and maximize their American cultural experience. Often the strongest relationships between students and host families are formed in total immersion programs. Some students, with parental permission, are even given special opportunities such as traveling on vacation with their host family. Spending week at the beach or traveling to a popular tourist destination (e.g., Walt Disney World in Florida) are among the unique experiences that some students have had in the past.

Total Immersion Programs are available for both individual and group homestay students. If you are interested in participating in an IFF Total Immersion Program, please click here.

Main Features

  • Maximum affordability and flexibility
  • Most unique experiences
  • Placement in a volunteer American Host Family that has been carefully recruited, screened, and selected by trained IFF professionals (host family contact information is generally provided 2-4 weeks before scheduled arrival)
  • Freedom for students to plan entire stay with their host families
  • Best chances for building close relationships with host families and becoming immersed in American culture
  • Transfers between the local airport and destination community
  • Welcome and Orientation session

As with all IFF programs, the Standard Immersion Program also includes:

  • Supervision by trained and dedicated IFF Coordinators with intimate knowledge of the destination community
  • Insurance covering all program participants including students and volunteer host families
  • 24-Hour, 7-day-a-week support from the IFF Home Office
  • Support for obtaining tourist visa (if required)

Sample Itinerary

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Prospective Student or Host Family?

If you are a student interested in participating in an individual or group IFF Total Immersion program, please click here.

If you are interested in hosting an IFF Total Immersion Student, please click here.