Service and dedication to our students is the core of the IFF mission and our highest priority. IFF has offered thousands of young people the opportunity to enhance their worldview and build international relationships through foreign exchange programs since 1998.

Who are our Students?

Our students are diverse and come to the United States from around the world. While they may have different backgrounds, speak different native languages, and enjoy different hobbies and interests, our homestay students all have something in common – they all have a desire to broaden their worldview by traveling to a different county to learn about culture and language. IFF students are generally outgoing, flexible, friendly and motivated. Most are high school-aged (14-17) and full-time secondary students in their home country looking to get a cultural experience on a short-term program during a school holiday (e.g., Spring Break) or their summer vacation.

IFF programs are especially designed to cater to the student looking for a one-to-eight week experience. They give the student the opportunity to become immersed in the American way of life by staying with and becoming part of a volunteer host family. There is no way to learn about culture and language in such a short time than to live it first-hand. Our special ESL programs (coming soon) offer students an even greater opportunity to improve their English-language skills with up to 12 hours of formal instruction per week.

Prior to acceptance into our program, students complete an extensive application (either directly through IFF or through one of our overseas partners in their home country) and are screened for proper maturity to travel abroad and sufficient English-language skills. They must prove their desire and willingness to learn about American culture by becoming part of the host family. As part of the application process, students write a detailed letter for their prospective host family about their reasons and goals for participation.

Our students are guaranteed the highest level of service throughout their experience with IFF. Check out the IFF Student Guarantee for more information.

For more information about the student experience and what can be expected on our programs, please visit our student frequently asked questions page.

Looking for information about visa and related requirements for entry into the United States? Check out our Visa Information Page.

Current student?

If you are enrolled on a current or upcoming IFF program, please visit our current students page for more information and links to program sites (coming soon).

Prospective student interested in an IFF program?

Visit our student application page for more information on applying to be an IFF student.

Former student on a past IFF program?

We are very interested in hearing about your experiences. Visit our new Facebook page to share your thoughts and other memories from the program. You can also check out our photo collection and share photos from your program with your friends.