School-Year Programs

Most IFF school-year programs visit the United States for 10 to 21 days at some time between September and May (the U.S. School-Year). These programs typically consist of 15-20 students aged 13 to 18 years old and a program leader. Most are recruited by our partners abroad and come from a single country (e.g., France or China). Students generally attend a U.S. high school for several days during the program.

School Visit Programs

The School Visit Program is the most popular of our group homestay programs during the school-year. It offers student a truly rich cultural experience by combining a homestay with a volunteer American host family with multiple day visits to an American high school. In just a couple weeks, students learn a tremendous amount about American culture and the U.S. secondary educational system. Our students have routinely learned about many different classroom subjects during their school visits. Click here for more information about our School Visit Programs, including a sample itinerary.